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CloneCD 4.1 & Clony XXL - CD duplicator.

SecondCopy - Great little backup utility.

HJSplit - File Splitter\Joiner.

Spectaculator - ZX Spectrum Emulator.

Marine Aquarium - A beautiful tropical fish screensaver.

Xpass - Reveal what passwords are behind the ******.

Mailwasher Pro - A great way to rid yourself of all those junk e-mails.

JAVA Runtime files - Needed to run Java elements on many websites.
Desktop Wallpaper Manager - Changes your background as frequently as you want.
Atomic - Synchronizes your computer clock.

Pest Patrol - Gets rid of adware/spyware/cookies etc.

CPU Grabber - Allows you to play those old games by slowing down your PC.

Audio Converter - Converts CD's to MP3, WMA etc


Desktop Games - Take your frustration out on your screen!

Football Aid - Keep the ball off the ground.

Pontifex - The infuriating bridge-building game.

Transport Tycoon Deluxe - Great strategy\simulation game. (Includes WIN XP patch and extra scenarios).
Manic Miner - The old Spectrum classic, rewritten for the Windows PC.
3D Chess - Chess in 3D.